Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change

Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change(KACCC) was established in July 2009 when the center was consigned to the Korea Environment Institute (KEI) by the Ministry of Environment (ministry-in-charge of climate change adaption).

KACCC has made numerous outstanding achievements, by carrying out strategic research related to climate change adaption and assisting in implementing plans for climate change adaption in the national and local level.

KACCC also seeks to raise awareness of climate change adaption among the general public-including marginalized and vulnerable groups.
One of the core strategy is to mainstreaming climate change adaptation by motivating public participation and establishing international collaborations.

Overall, KACCC aims to enhance the climate resilience the whole social sector across the country and develop science based adaption strategies.


Pathways towards Climate-Safe Society


To become a hub of adaptation knowledge creation and policy support

GOAL (2019~2020)

  • Mainstreaming and Diffusion of Climate Change Adaptation
  • Advancing Knowledge on Adaptation
  • Promoting Adaptation to the People's Needs
  • Enhancing Multiateral Cooperation and Raisingpublic Awareness


Support Major Adaptation Groups

  • Public Infrastructure
    • Enhance the adaptation capacity of the public infrastructure managing institutions
  • Private Sector
    • Enhance the Private sector's adaptation capacity
    • Foster the adaptation industry
  • Vulnerable Groups
    • Identify the vulnerable groups
    • Develop and operate the direct support program

Support Decision - Making


Web-based Climate Change ulnerability Assessment Tool [VESTAP]

Cooperation Public Awareness

  • Domestic and International Cooperation
  • PR and Public Awareness

Networking Expertise INTERNATIONAL


  • An annual international climate changed adaptation symposium and other international event that involve many national and international partners
  • An adaptation capacity building program for developing countries, working with various international partners
  • Consulting services on the development and implementation of adaptation plans and policies
  • Technical support and relevant tools for adaptation


  • Capacity building of stakeholders and decisionmakers
  • Excavating projects using international climate finance
  • Establishing international cooperative networks with the related adaptation groups


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